NoteScript by AJ Michels

A script for note taking on unix/linux based systems written in PHP.

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note [-t=<title>][-v|-vv|-vvv]


A tool for quickly creating plain text notes in a markdown format. The command will return the path to the file that was created in STDOUT.

Example Filenames:



By default the command will attempt to place notes in a ‘notes’ directory inside the directory specified by the “HOME” environment variable. If there is no HOME environment variable present an exception will be thrown. This behavior can be modified by defining a “NOTE_HOME” environment variable with a with a directory path for its value.


Create a note and then open it for editing.
vim $(note)

Pipe standard input (STDIN) to the command and a note will be created with that content.
echo 'My note content.' | note

Add a title to the note.
vim -t "My Title"


I created this tool to help me take notes faster. I knew I wanted to take notes as plain text files written with Markdown. I didn’t want to lock my notes into a proprietary format such as OneNote or Evernote. I had tried that before and while those tools are feature rich I don’t like the idea of being locked into those ecosystems. Using plain text files and Markdown allows me to use a large number of editing tools and to store my notes where ever and however I want.

Authors and Contributors

Currently the only contributor is me, AJ Michels (@ajmichels). I have been working in software development for over a decade now in a variety of industries.

Support or Contact

If you are having trouble using this tool or would like to request a feature please submit an issue to the projects Issue Tracker.